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„I love her, and that’s the beginning and end of everything.”

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For Julia and Marek, I went from Poznań to Iława to support them on the special day of their wedding and reception. I wanted to take care of every little detail for them so that they didn’t have to worry about anything and could just enjoy this beautiful time. They were both getting ready at the Bride’s house, so from the very morning there was a cheerful mess, and Julia’s elegant cat greeted me at the door. Great, warm, family atmosphere full of positive emotions. From the threshold, you could feel the joyful anticipation of the afternoon wedding and hear conversations full of jokes and smiles. No stress, no tension, and even if it was, it was only in a positive sense. After visits to the hairdresser and make-up artist, Julia came to the apartment, and the last touches and corrections on request were taken care of by her younger sister, who turned out to be a specialist in this! A first look? Seemingly ordinary, at home, but the groom’s reaction speaks for itself!

Fortunately, none of the concerns about the October weather came true. From the very morning there was no cloud in the sky, the sun was shining, and warm coats were hidden in the cars just in case. The wedding took place in the family church, a few hundred meters from Julia’s house. At the entrance to the Church, Julia’s sister and witness prepared a surprise for the couple, decorating the beginning of the nave beautifully. A very moving, personal ceremony by a priest who knew the fiancées well, a psalm sung by sister Julia and a beautiful musical setting for the whole mass made it an extremely touching and spiritual experience not only for the Bride and Groom, but also for all guests, in particular a deeply religious family very closely related with the Church. An unusual gift given by the priest at the end of the mass was a letter with blessing from the Pope himself, specially written for Julia and Marek, which was brought from the Vatican by a family friend as a surprise and gift. Amazing isn’t it?

As a married couple, Julia and Marek went to a wedding in a beautiful place, 25 km from Iława, in the Mortęgi palace complex in Lubawa. The place delighted everyone from the very beginning – a small pond, greenery, autumn colors of leaves on the ubiquitous trees and … a wedding hall. A beautiful floor, a crystal chandelier, wonderful flower decorations, complemented by stationery prepared entirely by the Bestman – from escort cards, through a guest book and alcohol pendants, to the table plan. Before the fun started for good and the sun completely set behind the beautiful buildings of the palace and hid behind the horizon, we managed to get away for a short photo session.

And the wedding? What a fun it was! Guest took control over a dance floor, everyone had a great time, dancing and singing. A romantic dance with candles, an energetic dance called “Belgian” and dance animations led by a dance leader – all this made the guests not want to leave the dance floor! There were also other surprises. The Bestman with my help, arranged a small surprise on the terrace by the lake – beautifully decorated with white fabrics, greenery, lamps and photos of Julia and Marek – both from childhood and youth, as well as those from the beautiful seaside engagement session. The terrace later served as a place for photos with sparklers. However, to deserve a surprise, the young had to cut out a huge heart drawn on the sheet with tiny nail scissors. Together, they dealt with it once twice and as a reward they could admire a decorated terrace, the lights of which sparkled beautifully in the dark surface of the water.

Each moment during the wedding, I was convinced that Julia and Marek are a wonderful couple, that they have a lot of warm and kind people around them, and their life together on the new road will be full of love and happiness!

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~ Julia ~

I can recommend Simple Love with a clear conscience! Ola is a professional in every way! It is a pity that it is not rated 5 with a plus ...
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~ Marek ~