Annamaria & Łukasz

16.10.2020 o 20:16 | 

„One is loved because one is loved. No reason is needed for loving.”

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I love Ania and Łukasz for their honesty, smile and openness. We met many times over coffee and tea to plan all the details of their wedding day. Two days before the wedding, their apartment looked like a combination of a paper and decorating studio. The young people themselves prepared, among others invitations, escort cards and gifts for guests. No wonder – Ania is great at it.

It was incredibly hot on the wedding day, so we took electric fans to the rented apartments, where Ania and Łukasz were getting ready. We had a scenario for the wedding day and the wedding reception set much earlier, so the preparations were pretty stress-free, and the groom reportedly even found time to play guitar.


The wedding took place in the Basilica of St. Joseph at the Discalced Carmelite Fathers in Poznań. The church was beautifully decorated with two other couples, and it was pleasantly  inside. The ceremony was beautiful and touching, and Ania and Łukasz, staring at each other, smiling, swore love for the rest of their lives. I must admit that tears filled my eyes as well. I am sure they will look at each other with such love every day!

The wedding party took place in Novel House near Murowana Goślina. The decorations prepared by the florist Joanna Kruk met all the expectations of Ania and Łukasz, and the guests were amazed by the refined and consistent details. With their first dance, the Newly Married delighted all the guests who, encouraged by a beautiful performance, played until dawn



To anyone who hesitates whether it is worth using the services of a wedding planner, I answer that it is worth it. Ola supported us throughout the entire process of looking for photographer, DJ, cake, florist... she patiently endured our rejection of subsequent offers (okay, let's face it, I was mostly rejecting them) and persistently searched for new one. Whenever there was a problem, she reacted quickly. On the wedding day she took care of every detail, so I didn't have to worry about anything. I had Ola's support, because thanks to her everything turned out perfectly and just as I dreamed it.

In addition, Ola is a very positive and open person with whom you can talk about any topic, which is a great support, not only before the wedding. Ola, thank you very much for helping us! You are invaluable!

And if, like us, you have made your apartment a storage room for everything (decorations, alcohol, drinks), I recommend Ola even more. After hours spent at the gym, she moved everything to the car for us and then to the wedding venue, faster than the Groom and our Fathers.