Agnieszka & Sebastian

16.10.2020 o 21:22 | 

„Fly me to the moon”

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Beautiful wedding

One of the most beautiful wedding halls in Greater Poland. A unique team of subcontractors, the best of the best, whose search was demanding and took many months. Beautifully planned, beautiful decorations and all the smallest elements …
And most of all … A couple in love, two exceptional people – Agnieszka and Sebastian.

And their wedding ? Was as special as they are..

The house was specially decorated for the preparation of the bride and bridesmaids. Stylish loft for the preparation of the groom and his parents.


Beautiful sun, clear sky – the weather was perfect for this special day. The beautiful St. Joseph at Carmelites in Poznań, a long aisle covered with a white carpet, candles and rose petals. At the altar, the Groom in a tailor-made suit, a procession of bridesmaids in dark green dresses greeting with a smile, moving to the rhythm of Canon D played by a string quartet. Little ballerina throwing flowers and then… She. The Bride in a captivating dress led by the Father … Tears of emotion gathered on an oath spoken straight from the heart. Agnieszka and Sebastian – Wife and Husband.



All that’s left was to celebrate this wonderful day. The theme of the wedding – white, green, gold and glass. Beautifully decorated round tables with garlands of greenery and light bulbs hanging from the ceiling. Every detail was carefully crafted, a mirror made by Sebastian with a quote from Frank Sinatra, which will resound in the first dance …

Magic, this is how you can describe the decor in the room with one word.



Arrival of guests welcomed by chilled sparkling wine, a decorated relaxation area and a custom-made mirror board with the list of guests. The arrival of the Newly Married in a vintage car, touching wishes and … the wedding could start …

The beautiful first dance, foxtrot to “Fly me to the moon” made the other guests stay on the dance floor until the very morning. The excellent band of thirteen people, which perfectly sensed the moods during the wedding, was certainly not without significance. For relaxation, you could spend time under the stars sipping drinks from the prosecco van.

May 25, 2019 was a day full of wonderful emotions, full of love, emotions, great fun and a beautiful time among loved ones. It will surely remain in the memory of Agnieszka and Sebastian and their guests for many years. In mine for sure.




When an engagement ring appeared on my finger and after a while my current husband and I started thinking about getting married, I would never have thought that I would trust someone enough to ask for help in organizing this day. After all, who can handle the dose of emotions I deliver as a stubborn perfectionist with a clear vision of what I want! There is no exaggeration in it, but Ola already knows about it! 😉
After the first meeting with Ola, you can see that she is a girl who loves what she does and most importantly - she wants all the dreams of her clients to come true! After all, it's OUR day!
After many months of looking for the right band, photographers and literally every detail, Ola always filled us with optimism and good energy. Even at night and indecently mornings! She agreed to the craziest ideas, fought the complicated wedding industry for us like a lion! My husband and I often found it difficult to find time to sign a contract with the contractor whom Ola had booked. She negotiated the terms of the contract, kept an eye on the payment date, and even presented our expectations! I can't imagine how long it would take me! Looking for a decorator 10 days before a wedding? Consoling in correcting your wedding dress the night before? Working out the smallest details (believe me, the SMALLEST) or a trip to IKEA on your wedding day? What is this for her! But that's still nothing ...
Thanks to Ola, on the wedding day and during the wedding, to the surprise of all my relatives, I could have 100% fun without worrying about anything! And I worry about everything every day! 😉
Probably like every bride, I always say that it was the most beautiful wedding in the world. And it was.
Organizing your dream wedding ceremony and reception is great fun that will be remembered for the rest of your life. Unfortunately, sometimes it is also a complication and a struggle for what it is. We could take care of the fun, and Ola took all the "worries" on her shoulders! And his shoulders are very strong, both literally and figuratively! 😉